Luxurious Rooms Inspired by
Two Concepts: "Yu" and "Ne"

This suite room is larger than the five other existing guest rooms.
Two separate spaces, ゆ処 (Yudoko) and ね処 (nedoko), designed under the theme of "relaxation, healing, and beauty" guarantee a stay of the highest quality and luxury.

Everything from cosmetics and amenities in the room to spa items and drinks have been carefully selected under the supervision of ZAZENSO NAGARA ,
who are top experts in wellness and beauty.
It is our goal to provide hospitality which takes care of every single need of our guests in body, mind and beauty.

A private esthetic salon located in the secluded Nagara district of Gifu Prefecture.
Known for its authentic treatments which are conducted in a serene resort-like environment surrounded by nature, ZAZENSO NAGARA has gained nationwide popularity with many fans visiting from all across the country.

102 SPA SUITE96.71㎡ [1F]

ゆ処 (Yudoko) and ね処 (Nedoko),
Two Spaces Filled with Luxury and Extravagance.

The SPA SUITE consists of two spaces:
ゆ処 (Yudoko), which includes a spa area with a large bath, a barrel-shaped open-air bath, and a mist sauna. And ね処 (Nedoko), a spacious tatami area where guests can lie down and relax or nap.

The name ゆ処 (Yudoko) is derived from the Japanese characters "湯 Yu", meaning hot water, and "ゆ Yu" which represents hot springs and baths.
These characters have long been associated with symbols of relaxation and comfort.

Similarly, ね処 (Nedoko) takes its name from the Japanese character of sleep "寝 Ne", which has been considered the secret to maintaining both physical and mental well-being since ancient times.



In a space which exudes warmth and tranquility through a wood-based theme, find yourself in an expansive bath area which features a "sleeping" bath, footbath, open-air bath, and a mist sauna - a comprehensive set of premium bathing facilities befitting the name SPA SUITE.

Equipped with spa items selected by ZAZENSO NAGARA, guests can experience the most luxurious time of "Yu (bathing)" at ゆ処.

Relaxing Lie-Down Area Nedoko

ね処 (Nedoko) is a luxurious tatami-floored Japanese-style room furnished with a sofa and bed.
It's the perfect place for all types of relaxing activities: lounging, rolling around, sitting and more, making it ideal for moments before and after bathing.

You can also enjoy views of the beautiful inclined landscape and garden from the veranda, and savor traditional Japanese culinary treats cooked over the irori (sunken hearth) table.

*2 Keage Incline
The remains of the world's longest inclined railway, measuring 582 meters in total.
The incline railway allowed a boat to ascend the height difference of approximately 36 meters without unloading its cargo.
It operated from 1891, however, ceased operation in 1948 due to the decline of boat transportation, leading to its abandonment. Its remains was designated as a cultural asset of Kyoto City.
It has gained fame as a renowned cherry blossom viewing spot in recent times, and it is famous worldwide as a photogenic tourist destination.


Amenities and room ornaments were selected under the supervision of ZAZENSO NAGARA*1.
Every attention to detail is made from the perspective of both professionals and women,
in order to make our guests' stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Spa Amenities
Enjoy the use of a wide range of spa items which include face packs, face and body scrubs, and German-made soft pumice stones and hawthorn potions.
Bath Amenities
A shampoo set from MIKIMOTO, Plusui's skincare set that focuses on quality water, and body milk from SHIGETA have been prepared for your convenience.
Bath Robe
Relax after your bath with our KIKUSUI original bathrobe made from high-quality cotton.
Makeup Robe
We also provide KIKUSUI's original makeup robe for our female guests. A knee-length, lightweight cotton robe which envelops the wearer in soft comfort.
Tea and Confectionaries
Traditional Kyoto sweets such as 金平糖 (Konpeito) and other treats for you to snack on after your spa experience.
Small Goods that evoke a feeling of Kyoto.
Traditional Japanese pastimes goods and games such as Hanafuda (flower cards), Otedama (bean bags), and Origami (paper folding) have been prepared for your leisure.
Bluetooth Speaker
The ceiling-mounted speakers in the spa area have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play music or audio from your smartphone for your enjoyment.
Drinks and Beverages
The guest room's refrigerator is stocked with a full selection of beverages that includes Oolong tea, Heartland (beer), Evian, mineral water, and Veuve Clicquot for your refreshment.

Enjoy the Four Seasons
Through a "Borrowed Scenery" Garden

The garden is one of the key identities passed down and cherished by Nanzenji Sando Kikusui.

Enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons in the view of the garden which is meticulously maintained by Kikusui's exclusive gardener from the veranda.


※ Prices per 1 guest for 1 night in a room for 2 guests with breakfast included. (Lodging package with dinner included also available)
※Prices may change depending on the season.
※The bed size is a double (1400×2000mm) size.
※The room can accommodate up to 4 guests with extra futon bedding added.

<Guest Room Drink Service>
・Mini-bar: Coffee (MITSUMOTO COFFEE) / Tea (Ronnefeldt) / Japanese Tea (Gion Tsujiri)
・Refrigerator items free of charge (Separate charge for additional orders): Oolong Tea / Heartland Beer / Evian / Mineral Water / Veuve Clicquot
※Welcome champagne also prepared in the rooms.

Toothbrush / Hairbrush / Cotton buds / Cotton pads / Slippers / Bath robe / 1 Set of Towels

<Bath Amenities>
「MIKIMOTO COSMETICS」Shampoo / Conditioner / Body lotion / Soap / 「SHIGETA PARIS」Body Milk

<Spa Amenities>
Face pack / Face scrub / Body scrub / German-made Soft Pumice Stone

<Skincare Items>
「Plusui」Cleanser / Face wash / Lotion / Gel

LCD television / Wi-Fi connection / Refrigerator / Mini-bar / Washlet toilet / Safety box / Hair dryer / Electric kettle / Espresso machine


The Japanese breakfast is exclusively offered to the hotel guests.
As a starter, a soup of pureed seasonal vegetables is served and nourishes your waking body.
We provide a premium breakfast in a tranquil space and time which invigorates both your body and soul for the day.

7:00 to 10:00
1F Dining


We offer a colorful array of dishes filled with seasonal ingredients in our Kyoto Western cuisine which abundantly features the terroir of Kyoto.
The way the profile of the dish changes with even how the sauce is poured resembles the fleeting beauty of Kikusui's garden throughout the seasons.
Our kaiseki course allows you to savor dishes which reflect the traditions of old Japan, while also embracing new culinary techniques tailored to the season.

17:30 to 20:00 (Last entry)
1F Dining