The Six Rooms From Where
Guests can Experience the Garden of Ueji
with All Five Senses.

The theme is “Refurbish” which is different from mere “renovate.”
Eve while inheriting the history and values which Kikusui has accumulated over the years,
a change in perspective has created a brand new style of Kikusui while preserving its emotions.

There are 5 unique rooms, each which place a special emphasis on privacy and expresses a modern world view while maintaining a traditional Japanese aesthetic.
Harmonizing with the pleasant fabric choices are western tables and sofas, and the spacious bathrooms feature bathtubs lined with Towada stone bordered by Japanese cypress.

The lighting of the rooms allows guests to create their desired atmosphere, and art placed in each room serves as a delightful accent, adding to the ambiance.
The garden where you can stay - invites you to a luxurious and gentle "moment" unique to Kikusui.


  • 102 SPA SUITE96.71㎡ [1F]

    A suite-style room that opened in June 2023 and is one size larger than the existing five rooms. The spa area ゆ処 (Yudoko) with a large bath, pot bath, and mist sauna, and the spacious tatami area ね処 (Nedoko) where you can lie down and relax, guarantee a high-quality and luxurious stay.


  • 10161.2㎡ [1F]

    Room 101 on the 1st floor features a small terrace with the Japanese garden as its scenic backdrop.


  • 20160.5㎡ [2F]

    With an outstanding view overlooking the Japanese garden, this is a room built spaciously for comfort yet with plenty of privacy and comes equipped with a place to relax, apart from the bedroom.


  • 20247.0㎡ [2F]

    A Japanese-Western room fully furnished for comfort with an outstanding panoramic frontal view of the Japanese garden.


  • 20339.0㎡ [2F]

    A modern Japanese-style room fully furnished for comfort with an amazing view of the Japanese garden.


  • 20447.0㎡ [2F]

    A Japanese-Western style room fully furnished for comfort with an added level of privacy located past a connecting corridor.



※ Prices per 1 guest for 1 night in a room for 2 guests with breakfast included.
(Lodging package with dinner included also available)
※ Prices may change depending on the season.
※ The bed size is a semi-double (1200×2050mm).
※ Rooms 101 and 201 can accommodate up to 3 guests with an extra bed added.

<Guest Room Drink Service>
・Mini-bar: Coffee (MITSUMOTO COFFEE) / Tea (Ronnefeldt) / Japanese Tea (Gion Tsujiri)
・Refrigerator items free of charge (Separate charge for additional orders): Beer / Soft drinks / Mineral water
※Welcome champagne also prepared in the rooms.

Toothbrush / Hairbrush / Cotton buds / Cotton pads / Slippers / Bath robe / 1 Set of Towels

<Bath Amenities>
「MIKIMOTO COSMETICS」Shampoo / Conditioner / Body lotion / Soap

LCD television / Wi-Fi connection / Refrigerator / Mini-bar / Washlet toilet / Safety box / Hair dryer / Electric kettle / Espresso machine


The Japanese breakfast is exclusively offered to the hotel guests.
As a starter, a soup of pureed seasonal vegetables is served and nourishes your waking body. We provide a premium breakfast in a tranquil space and time which invigorates both your body and soul for the day.

7:00 to 10:00
1F Dining


We offer a colorful array of dishes filled with seasonal ingredients in our Kyoto Western cuisine which abundantly features the terroir of Kyoto. The way the profile of the dish changes with even how the sauce is poured resembles the fleeting beauty of Kikusui's garden throughout the seasons.
Our Japanese Kaiseki courses allows you to savor dishes which reflect the traditions of old Japan, while also embracing new culinary techniques tailored to the season.

17:30 to 20:00 (Last entry)
1F Dining