From "A Garden to Admire" to
"A Garden to Feel with All Five Senses".

Kikusui embraces the evolution of the next generation as it has continued to change with each era,
over approximately 60 years, since its establishment.
As the extension of Nanzenji Sando Kikusui,
we proudly present to our guests the garden of master gardener, Ogawa Jihei VII,
whose work has been loved and admired by many generations.
We offer you an extraordinary experience in both "food" and "time".



Kikusui Cuisine Savored in the "Garden
Where You Can Stay"


We offer a kaiseki course which reflects the traditions of old Japan while also embracing new culinary techniques tailored to the season, as well as a colorful array of dishes in our Kyoto Western cuisine which abundantly features the terroir of Kyoto.


Guest Rooms Where a Time of Refinement can be Enjoyed,
Limited to only 6 Reservations per Day.


The Six guest rooms, each with its unique charm, are spaces created to effortlessly harmonize with the garden outside. Spend a time of refinement and comfort just as you please in these rooms which express the uniqueness, history and values which Kikusui has accumulated over the years.

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